Copper Price Influence on Emergency Lights Price

March 12, 2021
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There are all kinds of emergency lights in the world. Emergency lights are usually made of plastic / iron / aluminum shell, circuit board, rechargeable battery, wire, plug, and various electronic components such as transformer, resistor, capacitor, fuse, etc. These parts are greatly affected by the price of copper.


1. PCB, another name is copper laminate plate. We know from the name that it has a direct relationship with copper. Copper film is a kind of composite board on fiberboard. After processing into the emergency lamp PCB. PCB almost every emergency lamp can not be missing.


2. Transformer, mainly composed of copper wire and magnetic core. The price of transformer largely depends on the price of copper wire, which greatly affects the price trend of emergency light.


3. The wire is composed of wire, rubber and PVC sheath. Conductors are usually made of single or multiple strands of copper wire. Without wires, emergency lights can hardly connect electrical components. The rise and fall of the price of copper will affect the price of emergency lights.


4. Rechargeable battery is basically composed of copper electrode and another electrode of other materials. The Proportion of copper is also very large. As we know emergency lights can not work without rechargeable batteries.


5. there are a large number of components in the emergency lights, such as resistors, capacitors, IC chips, fuses and relays components, at the same time copper is indispensable for these components.


In addition to the factors mentioned above, the screws and terminals used in emergency lights will use the electroplating process. Many electroplating processes require copper plating first and then nickel plating. In summary, the price of copper has a great influence on the price trend of emergency lights.